COVID Tests Offered

PCR and Rapid Tests

In addition to the COVID PCR test, we also have COVID rapid tests available.

PCR Nasal Test

The COVID PCR test is more accurate than rapid tests, with 99% sensitivity for detecting active infection. This test is applied mid-nasally.

Results available within 24-48 hours.

Rapid Antigen Nasal Test

The rapid antigen test is used to detect active infection with COVID but is less accurate than PCR testing.

This test is applied nasally. Results available in 15 minutes at time of service.

Rapid Antibody Fingerprick Test

The rapid antibody test detects for the presence of antibodies after COVID infection or vaccination. The antibody test is not meant for detecting active COVID infection.

Antibodies usually start developing 1-3 weeks after infection or vaccination.

Tested via a fingerstick and results within 10 minutes at time of service.

Which Tests to Order

I need COVID testing that is accurate

Scheduling a PCR test will provide you with the most accurate results. The PCR test is more sensitive in detecting COVID than the rapid antigen test.

I need a testing option that is accurate and quick

In addition to the PCR test, which provides results in 24-48 hours, you may also schedule a rapid antigen test for your testing window. The rapid antigen results will be available in 15 minutes at the time of service.

The combination of PCR + rapid antigen test will provide quick initial results with the rapid test, followed by more accurate results within 24-48 hours.

I would like to know if I have had a prior COVID infection in the recent past

The rapid antibody test can detect if you have been infected with COVID in the past. It does not test for current active infection.

A positive antibody test result shows you may have antibodies from a prior infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. We do not know how much protection the antibodies may provide or how long this protection may last. Antibody levels may wane over time to undetectable levels.

For more information on the COVID antibody test, visit the CDC's resource on antibody tests.